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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Economic Fried Bee Hoon (Fried Rice Vermicelli) 经济炒米粉

Economic fried bee hoon (simple stir fried rice vermicelli) is a typical breakfast for Malaysian Chinese and I guess Singaporean also eating this way. The most economic version is just simple fried mee hoon, and pour with some curry sauce and sambal chili. If you want more luxury version, you can ask to add fried luncheon meat, fish balls, sausages and fried egg with extra money. Like my version here is consider luxury version of Economic fried bee hoon ^_^.

If you want to have fried sunny side up egg with no burnt edges, then you have to deep fry over low heat.

A typical way of how hawker way of preparing luncheon meat, coat with egg and deep fry

You can add cabbage into fried bee hoon, but I prefer to have a choice of add more veggie like outside hawker way, so I stir fry some cabbage separately..

Now come to main part, is this simple stir fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli)

If you take this in the morning, you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. If you serve it during lunch, then you can enjoy with a bowl of sweet dessert soup (Tong Sui), like mung bean or red bean soup.

How often you cook this noodles at home?

Economic Fried Bee Hoon (Fried Rice Vermicelli) 经济炒米粉
 * serve 5  

To cook Fried Bee Hoon

300g Bee Hoon/Rice Vermicelli, soaked in tap water and drained
150g bean sprouts, washed and drained
4 shallots, peeled and sliced
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped
2 cups water (you may adjust according to your type/brand of Rice Vermicelli) 

 1tbsp light soy sauce
 1tbsp dark caramel soy sauce or adjust accordingly
 1tsp sugar
 1 and 1/4tsp salt or to taste 


 1. Heat a wok with cooking oil (4tbsp), sauté chopped garlic and shallots till golden brown.
 2. Add in water and add in light soy sauce, sugar, and salt, bring to boil.
 3..Toss in the rice vermicelli, and add in dark caramel soy sauce, quickly stir fry and toss well. Cover with wok lid, cook for 1-2mins.
 5. Add in bean sprouts, stir fry and toss it well. If the noodles are dry, you can add in hot water. Dish out and serve. 

To cook simple stir fry cabbage

200g cabbage (I use Cameron cabbage), tear into small pieces
30g carrot, sliced thinly

2 garlic, chopped
1tsp light soy sauce
Salt to taste 


  1. Heat oil in a wok, sauté garlic and carrot for a minute.
  2. Add cabbage, stir fry well, add in seasoning, cook till cabbage soften. (You can add little water).
  3. Dish out and serve.
To  deep fry luncheon meat 

1 can of luncheon meat, sliced
1 egg, lightly beaten

  1. Coat luncheon meat slice with egg, fry in hot oil over medium heat till golden brown.
Few fried sunny side up eggs , deep fry in cooking oil over low heat

To serve- Serve fried bee hoon in a serving plate, garnish with fried sunny side up egg, fried luncheon meat and stir fried cabbage, enjoy with sweet dessert soup (eg mung bean or red bean soup), or with a cup of coffee. 

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover
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